Sexed Chick Guarantee

Sexed Chick Guarantee Conditions

We guarantee a 95% accuracy rate on sexed poultry. This means if you get 100 female Novogens, we guarantee that 95 of them will be females. If you end up with 5 roosters in that case, we do not guarantee those and won’t refund you for those. Any amount of roosters over 5% of the order total we will refund you for. This means that if you order 100 females and end up with 10 males, we’ll refund you for 5 of them.

We must be notified of the error in sexing as soon as the roosters can be identified. We can’t be responsible for wrongly sexed chickens after they are six months of age. You must contact us with our error within six months after the hatch date of your chicks.

We do not reimburse folks for feed costs but if our error is significant we try to be fair. However, we are not under any obligation to pay for any feed costs pertaining to wrongly sexed chicks. It is solely up to our discretion.

Before you put the roosters on the kitchen table, take a snapshot of the live roosters you have ended up with so we can confirm that you have indeed ended up with roosters. The pictures need to be clear. We need a picture of each rooster and a picture of the group of roosters. Not everyone is as good at telling genders apart as they would like to think. Plus, it helps us avoid fraud. Hey, we trust you but you must realize that their are unethical people out there. It’s nothing personal so don’t get offended when we ask. It’s our policy.

Email pictures to along with your order # and the name on the order. We love our customers and try to keep them so we will do our best to work out solutions that satisfy both our needs.