Our Safe Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that all the baby chicks you ordered will arrive alive! We package the chicks according to the weather so we are confident of their safe arrival. Mistakes happen and so we will refund or replace any that are lost during shipping.

MailOrderPoultry.com Safe Arrival Guarantee Qualifications:

  1. We guarantee the amount of chicks you ordered will arrive alive. We add 2% extra poultry to your order. Our guarantee does not include the extra poultry put into your order, only the amount of poultry you specified on the order. Example: You lose one chick but we sent one extra chick. In this case we would not give you any refund because you still received the amount of chicks you ordered.
  2. We guarantee the chicks for 24 hours after they arrive at your home (if dispute arises over when that was, the USPS tracking number for the order will be used as a basis to determine when the chicks entered into your care.) Typically any losses after 24 hours of time is due to improper temperatures or conditions. You need to contact us within 48 hours after you’ve received your order of chicks with any losses or issues you had.

If you lose any:

We can refund or replace your chicks by doing the following:

  1. We can simply refund you the price that you paid per chicks, ducks, guinea fowl keets, or turkey poults. You must meet the qualifications listed above.
  2. We mail out another minimum order of poultry (or whatever amount of poultry you need replaced) with the cost of the previously lost poultry subtracted from the order total.

We may want to see a photo of the box & chicks upon arrival in order for a refund claim. We reserve the right to reserve any refund or replacements if proof of dead chicks cannot be provided.

A common question is: How do the chicks stay alive without food or water during shipping? Right before they hatch, chicks absorb the yolk of the egg and this gives them the nutrition they need for 2-3 days. This is so the first chicks that hatch in a nest don’t have to leave the nest or the mother to eat or drink until all the chicks are hatched several days later. We use this time to ship the chicks all over the United States, even Alaska or Hawaii!